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Making Dreams Come True

The Father of Balloons; Gunter was the first Balloon Designer in Queensland.  Gunter has been creating and installing balloons and sculptures in Brisbane and surrounding areas since 1986.

A Certified Balloon Artist, Gunter was awarded  a lifetime membership to BASA (Balloon Artists and Suppliers Association) in 2012.

Gunter's designs and concepts have been copied worldwide and incorporated into the Balloon Industry.


Balloons Galore  has won many awards spanning the lifetime of the business including; ​

1st place in Large sculptures in the International Balloon Arts Convention 1996,with the first ever use of 260q's in sculpture design


 2005 Australasian Balloon Designer of the year.

Balloons Galore  continues to partner with families; and large and small corporations; to create stunning balloon designs and events.

Environmental Footprint

Latex balloons are not plastic; but are a natural substance extracted from the Rubber trees.  This milky white sap known as latex; is then refined to remove impurities and created into balloons.  The demand for latex balloons worldwide benefits farmers in third world countries providing a sustainable source of income through plantations and rainforests on land which would otherwise be cleared for cattle grazing.  The Global climate is also benefited by the amount of CO2 that is absorbed by the rubber trees.

Latex balloons are biodegradable. The process of degradation occurs at approximately the same rate as a leaf  takes to degrade, but much quicker than the thousands of years that plastic products take to disintegrate.

We, at Balloons Galore, Do not promote or support the release of balloons into the environment. The Balloon sculptures we create will not be released into the environment, but will be appropriately disposed of at the end of their display period.  They will be popped indoors, and will be able to degrade in landfill or compost, away from animals that might otherwise mistake the balloon remnants for food.

For more information visit WWW.PEBA.COM.AU, where the Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance is listing findings of further research around the biodegradability of balloons and ways to recycle used balloons.

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