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Centrepieces are an important part of any function. Below we have standard centerpieces that can be customized for any occasion and are the most popular designs.

indoor decor

Standard Centrepieces
topiary tree helium delight
Topiary Tree
Helium delight
Box of swirls splashes & bubbles topped with 5 helium balloons.
Height: Bottom 30-50cm
Helium: To suit
Celebration Box
Tufts of colour, stars and spangles in a decorated box.
Height: 30-40cm
spangled wrap fireworks box party explosion
back to top Spangled Wrap
An arrangement of mini balloons and spangles. With or without foam top.
Height: 20-30cm
Fireworks Box
Tufts of colour, stars and spangles in a decorated box. Height: 30-40cm
Party Explosion
A crazy array of sculpted and twisted mini balloons with party horns and a hat.
Height: 60-70cm
bubble box centrepiece hen centrepiece double spangle weight

Bubble Box
A fun arrangement of tufts, bubbles and spikes.
Height: 20-40cm

Hen's Night
A cute sculpture of a Hen made of balloons.
Height: 40-60cm
Double Spangle
A small centrepiece or helium balloon weight, with bows, spangles and a foam top.
octupus centrepiece junior loon centrepiece  
A balloon sculpted Octopus with seaweed in a decorated box.
Height: 60-80cm
Junior Loon
A junior loon letter or number shape airfilled and on a decorated weight
Height: 40cm-60cm
  Buffet Centrepieces
Whether you want an elaborate, elegant or a very simple, fun centrepiece, Balloons Galore can create it for you. Due to the uniqueness of design required for centrepieces, individual quotes are provided. If you would like to find out more, please contact us. Below are examples of buffet centrepieces we have designed in the past
  reef centrepiece
  Coral Reef Halloween Pumpkins Christmas Baubles
  Christmas Tree Star Sculpture  

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